Kath Berry has a wealth of fashion industry knowledge and is the driving force behind PMA. Her passion as a teenager to make and design her own clothes has taken her on a challenging and inspirational journey within the fashion industry for the past 45 years. Kath’s vision is simple – to educate people on how to make clothes that actually fit! This vision has stayed with Kath through her many years of study, research and experimentation with various pattern making systems. 


Kath began her career in the Fashion Industry in Adelaide as a Technical and Further Education pattern making teacher. From there, she branched out into  

designing, manufacturing and retailing for approximately 5 years before accepting a position at Tafe as a senior lecturer and campus manager in the discipline of clothing. After 20 years working for Tafe, in 1996 the opportunity arose for Kath to continue her research into historical changes in female body shape at The University of Adelaide, Medical School (Department of Anatomical Sciences). Her studies showed significant changes in the size and shape of Australian women over the past 50 years (which verified her earlier findings) and paved the way for her to develop a scientifically based, sustainable pattern engineering system. Armed with a Masters Degree she then completed a PhD in 2011, and utilised her research data to develop her own Pattern Engineering System which focuses on shape as opposed to size.  

In addition to her research, in 2008 Kath co-authored an invaluable book for the novice patternmaker and designer, “The Fashion Design System”, which is almost a dressmaking course in itself. More recently she has developed a series of e-books based on her Pattern Engineering System that are specifically geared to the five predominant body shapes identified in her research. 

One last thought... for Kath, the dream would be to have some scientific body measurement data from which we can all move forward and provide better fitting garments for females!

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